How A Russian Hacker Claims He Succeeded to Target Slot Machine Games

Slot Machine Games

We’ve seen movies about professional poker players and blackjack card counters. Not to mention the countless times that roulette has appeared in movies, most notably James Bond. But we’ve yet to see a movie based on slot machine games.

Well, according to an unbelievable (but true) story, it seems like a movie about slots is not far off. That’s all thanks to a Russian hacker that claims he has succeeded in stealing a fortune from slot machine games.

An unidentified hacker that goes by the alias “Alex” has made extravagant claims that he has figured out how to hack slot machine games.

In an interview with Wired, an American publication, Alex goes into great detail on how he managed to do the impossible.

How Alex Targets Slot Machine Games

Alex says that for the last eight years, he has won millions of dollars and that he treats slot machines like his personal ATM. He has contacted a few major developers to sell his formula to them, so they can use it to strengthen their security.

His unique method for hacking is a type of reverse engineering of the standard RNG software. Random Number Generator software is put in place by casinos to ensure fairness by making sure the outcome of each spin is random.

Alex says that he was able to successfully use his formula on Aristocrat slots machine games in particular. The simple explanation of his method is that he has figured out how to generate random numbers on Aristocrat games and how they will behave. Therefore, the method works for both online slots and land-based games.

The Network of Agents That Assist In these Activities

Alex goes into considerable detail about his network of agents all over the world. They film videos with mobile devices on a variety of slot machine games. Four of his agents are listed in the US and have criminal records for Fraud.

They collect videos from casinos which they send to Alex in Russia to analyze. His observations, he says, makes it possible to uncover when games are at their maximum. And through this information, he collects he can develop a winning strategy. Alex says, on average, he collects 250 thousand dollars every week.

His long-term goals are to do more than simply hack for large amounts of money. The hacker also threatens to disable the whole network. He would like to propose a deal to Aristocrat gaming development to stop compromising their services. Alex claims he would like to help developers eliminate weak points that make their product possible to hack.

A spokesperson from Aristocrat has said that while they take his claims seriously, they will not negotiate at this time.

At Kuwait Casino, we could not verify if Alex’s story is 100% accurate, but what we can say with certainty is that it would make an exciting movie. Perhaps we will see soon enough.

We don’t suggest following in Alex’s footsteps and attempting to hack. But if you want to try your luck at online slots, we have many choices for great online casino in Kuwait.