Slots Machine Superstitions That Really Exist!

slots machine superstitions

One of the first things we would tell anyone when they enter an online casino in Kuwait is to leave your superstitions at the door. Slot games are mechanically programmed games, even online slots that are based on software have no “magic element” to them whatsoever. However, Slots machine superstitions exist, and the weirdness and hilarity of them might shock you.

I know you’re dying to know about the crazy slots machine superstitions that people around the world have. So here we go!

Slots Machine Superstitions – Playing with Hot or Cold Coins

There are strange slots machine superstitions, and there are ideas that just crazy. For example, some people believe that playing with hot coins will improve your chances of hitting the jackpot. Obviously, this one can’t be put to the test in online slots.

However, casino employees report that some people rub their coins to warm them up before inserting into the slot machine. On the other hand, some players believe that cold coins win more often.

We can’t even guess where the idea that the temperature of the coin matters came from.

Standing Up While Playing

For most people, having a comfortable place to sit is key to having an enjoyable gaming experience. However, some players have the belief that you’re more likely to win the jackpot if you’re standing up.

It’s such a strange idea that the machine will know that you are comfortable and decide not to payout. The truth is, whether you’re playing online or in an on-land casino, the game can’t possibly react to your physical position. Each spin is entirely random.

Caressing the Screen

These slots machine superstitions are getting funnier as we go along. Some people believe that touching the slot machine screen in the casino will affect whether you win or lose. As if the machine is a living entity that you can seduce into reacting how you want.

Many casino employees will report seeing players tap or rub the screen in hopes of producing a favorable result. We don’t know how they can keep a straight face while seeing this, because any logical person knows this is pointless. All they are doing is leaving marks on the machine’s screens and annoying the employees that need to clean it up.

Lucky Objects

Many players carry lucky mascots or items with them to play slots. Some people believe strongly in luck and refuse to play unless they are wearing their lucky socks or whatever item they might have had on them the last time good fortune came their way.

This is the only superstition that’s understandable for most of us. For whatever reason, you either believe in luck or not. However, one thing that is certain about slot games is that luck determines whether you win or lose. This is a harmless belief that does not necessarily make one look silly.

We don’t believe in superstitions at Kuwait Casino, but we do believe in bringing you high-quality online casino entertainment. Your good luck is also dependent on whether you are playing at a reliable online casino. This is a belief we can get firmly behind.