Slots Machine History – Interesting Facts About the World’s Favorite Game

Slots Machine Superstitions That Really Exist

You cannot visit a casino, either online or on land without seeing a fair share of slot games. These quick, easy, and fun games of luck are the most popular betting games in the whole world. We thought it might be fun to look into slots machine history and find out how this game was invented. And how it came to be so widely played around the world.

No matter where you go, in a traditional land-based casino or the recommended online casinos you see at Kuwait Casino, you’ll find hundreds of different slot games. Additionally, it seems like the top developers come out with new games almost daily!

Slots might seem like a modern-day invention. However, did you know that slots machine history goes back hundreds of years? That’s right, the first slot machine game was invented back in 1887.

Slots Machine History – The Inventor

There is a little bit of a debate about who invented the slot machine. For instance, there are two stories about where and when the original idea came up. The first story in slots machine history is that an American man named Charles Few invented it in 1887. He called his invention the “Liberty Bell” and it was an instant success.

However, the second story tells of a slot machine device invented in 1995 by two different men named Sittman and Pitt. And they based their game on poker, where the reels would turn up results that show poker hands.

Whichever story is the truth, one thing is for sure. This simple design continues to expand and progress as time goes, giving us one of the most exciting recreational pastimes ever.

The Evolution of Slots

The early slot machines were a hit with the general public and definitely attracted worldwide attention. However basic the first games were, they progressed a lot as the years passed. Since then, we’ve seen slot games go through many different changes and upgrades, to the point that they are almost unrecognizable from the original mechanical games.

One of the most significant changes occurred when a Chicago manufacturer decided to use fruit symbols instead of cards. As we know, this idea stuck around for decades after, and in fact, you can still find fruit themed games today. Moreover, in some places in the world, they call slot games fruit machines.

Online slots

The slot games we find in every online casino in Kuwait owes its existence to these original machines. And the popularity of these games continues to grow as newer games arrive and new casinos open up. Online slots are easily the games that most players are familiar with. They can offer the chance of winning a million jackpot for just a few coins.

Additionally, developers continue to improve them with unique themes, high definition graphics, and realistic soundtracks. In most cases, they are a form of entertainment as well as betting games. These new machines have features and bonuses, that they original inventors would be shocked at seeing.