Slot Machine Cheats That Worked – But Don’t Try These Now!

Slot Machine Cheats

Slots are the biggest money-makers for casinos in Kuwait as well as the rest of the world. However, they also give out players the biggest rewards compared to how much they bet. It’s a win-win scenario for both parties. However, not all players will get lucky in their lifetime. That’s why scammers came up with slot machine cheats.

Keep reading for some of the scummy ways cheaters managed to scam casinos out of millions of dollars! These won’t work these days, but back in the day when slot games were mechanical, they paid off for cheaters.

Slot Machine Cheats – Codes

Casinos enlist the help of gaming authorities to ensure that everything is running fairly and properly. Unfortunately, once in a while these engineers turned out to be scam artists that created slot machine cheats.

Basically, these engineers used to be in a position to create cheat codes and rig machines in their favor. They usually worked with accomplices who would manipulate the machine using specific directions.


Nowadays, most games you see in a casino are not made of metallic components for a reason. In the past scammers figured out that they can manipulate slot machine reels using magnets. What they would do is hold a magnet to the side of the game and try to make it cause reels to stop at winning combinations.

It wasn’t an easy cheat to pull off under the watchful eyes of pit bosses and casino security. However, a few people did manage to cheat the casino out of money before getting caught.

The Yo-Yo Cheat

This is one of the most basic slot machine cheats that actually worked. What they would do is tie a string to a coin and send the coin into the machine. Then they can pull the coin back out and keep trying to win without risking any money.

Light Wand

One of the most famous casino cheaters is a man named Tommy Glenn Carmichael. His invention, the “light wand” was effective in disorienting the optical sensors on the slot game. Therefore, it would not be able to accurately dispense the correct number of coins.

What Carmichael did is use it whenever he hit a small win, and the machine would give out an excessive number of coins for huge payouts.

The Monkey Paw

Carmichael didn’t give up after his light wand stopped delivering. His next invention the “monkey paw”. What he did was attach a guitar string to a metal rod that he would jam into the machine and maneuver until he hit the coin trigger switch. Which would release a massive number of coins.

Cheating is Not the Answer

On today’s modern machines and online slots, these would never work. Slots as well as every other casino game have come a long way from their primitive predecessors.

However, that doesn’t mean you can win fairly and reasonably. Kuwait Casino’s list of recommended online casinos offers the chance to play tons of games with very high payout percentages!