Unwritten Poker Rules to Know Before You Join A Game

Poker is one of the most social casino games that exist. Unlike most of the other betting games, with poker, you interact with other players throughout the game. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you that there’s a code of ethics or unwritten poker rules that every player must follow.

The goal is to keep the game as fun and exciting as possible while maintaining the seriousness of the situation. After all, you and other players have money on the table and all of you are pursuing the same result. Furthermore, even playing tournaments or poker online requires you to be respectful to other players and the dealer.

Knowing all the rules of poker is important but understanding the proper poker etiquette is also important. This will mostly help beginners. Therefore, if you think you already know all of this, check out Kuwait Casino list of recommended poker sites instead. This is where you’ll find the top casinos to enjoy many variations of casino poker, as well as tournaments and low to high-stakes games.

Unwritten Poker Rules – Angle Shooting

This is one of those unwritten poker rules that aren’t considered cheating, but they do make you look bad. Angle shooting is when an experienced player purposely makes a move to exploit opponents with less experienced.

Poker is a game of skill, but angle shooting is not a great way to show off your poker experience or skills.

Some examples of angle shooting are:

  • Purposely acting out of turn
  • Hiding your chips to make your opponents think you have less
  • Saying that you “raise” but only putting in the calling chips

Don’t Waste Time on Purpose

Some players always take a long time to make their move and even simple decision take them too much time. of course, every player understands that there will be situations where a player needs time to think about what to do.

However, some players take too long to make every single move. What this does is exasperate other players and make the game run slower and less enjoyable.

Don’t Call the Clock Unnecessarily on Other Players

When an opponent is taking too much time to decide, you can request that the casino “call the clock” on them. This means that they will have 60 seconds to act. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes players will abuse call the clock to throw other players off their game. It’s unethical and will leave a very bad impression of you on other players if you do this.

Be patient with others the same way you would want them to be with you.

Always Pay Attention

One of the most important unwritten poker rules is to pay attention to what’s happening in the game. Knowing when it’s your turn, acting promptly, and being an engaged player will help you improve your game. Additionally, it will avoid you from disrupting the game to ask questions.

Now that you know the most important unwritten poker rules, you’re ready for the real thing. Join thousands of different poker tables instantly at the top online casinos in Kuwait!