Types of Poker Games Explained

Types of Poker Games

In this article we’ll explain the different types of poker games that you’ll find at these top online casinos and poker rooms.

Poker is one of the most popular betting games on the planet. But as a beginner, you might find it a bit confusing that there are so many different types of poker games available online. Should you play Texas Hold’em, or Omaha Hi-Lo and what’s the difference?

The first version of poker that comes to mind for most people is Texas Hold’em. This is the most widely played format for playing poker and a great choice for beginners. But knowing a thing or two about all of the other variants will be useful on days when you feel like trying something a little different.

Moreover, you can’t know which game will be the most enjoyable for you unless you learn what they are. Once you know about the various methods for playing poker and how they categorized. Including the structures and formats, you’ll be able to decide which version of the game you want to play.

Types of Poker Games

Three Types of Poker Games

There are three main types of poker games, or classifications. These are stud poker, draw poker and community card poker. Every other variation of the game stems from these three categories.

For instance:

  • Stud Poker – Stud games of poker are when the players receive cards that are a combination of exposed and hidden cards. Therefore, other players will have partial information about what their opponents are holding. Razz and Seven-Card stud are two popular examples of stud poker games.
  • Draw Poker – In draw poker games, players are dealt cards that remain hidden from other players. However, they can each improve their hands by replacing a number of their cards. For example, Badugi and Five-Card Draw are both versions of draw poker.
  • Community Card Poker – These types of poker games are the most common in tournaments and many free poker apps. For instance, community card poker games involve players receiving hidden cards as well as sharing the cards revealed on the table. The goal is to make up the best hand using both our own and the community cards. Texas Hold’em and Omaha both fall under this category.

High-Low Split

You may come across a few of these variants that are a bit more complicated. For instance, Omaha Hi-Low, where the pot is split equally between the players with the best and the worst hands. These games have more complex rules and are best for when you’ve gained a little bit of experience at playing different types of poker games online.

Low Ball

Lowball games of poker are interesting because instead of hoping for the traditionally highest hand, it’s the lowest hands that win. These games also consist of more complex gameplay and rules that you might want to avoid as a beginner.

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