Switching from Live Poker Games to Online? Here’s What You Need to Know

Live Poker Games

Although the rules don’t change much whether you’re playing live poker games or virtual RNG poker. There are still a few key differences that you’ll need to understand before you make the switch. Live poker games offer some unique aspects that will seem very different from what you’re used to when playing online.

However, live games and online games both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the more you understand about each, the better you’ll be as a player, and the easier it will be for you to win. It also affects how much you’ll enjoy playing!

Live Poker Games

Live Poker Games Go at a Much Slower Pace Than Online

The first thing you’ll notice about playing live poker games is that they go at a much slower pace than online. When playing at an online casino in Kuwait, you also have options to play several tables at once and be able to choose from many different variations. Allowing you to play more than 80 hands per hour, compared to barely 25-30 during live games.

In contrast, live games of poker will start to seem a bit boring, once you get into the alternatives. Since fewer hands mean a lot of folding and less aggressive play from your opponents. Games online offer a lot more excitement in many ways.

Players are More Aggressive in Online Games

Another significant difference when playing online is that players behave much more aggressively than in live poker games. If you’re not prepared the aggression can be slightly difficult to adjust to. But if one of the reasons you don’t enjoy live games is because they are slower and can be boring, then you’ll love playing online.

There are many rules and features in online poker that push the action faster and create a more enjoyable and often rewarding situation. The great thing about this is if you are a smart player you can use this to your advantage and exploit new players in totally acceptable ways. And even expected.

Look for Soft Tables

Unless you’re a player with an unlimited budget who is only playing real money poker because you love it. Chances are, you want to win some money. One way to do so is to attempt to be one of the strongest players at every table you play. And no, that doesn’t always mean you need to spend every waking hour practicing. Rather, you can try to find “soft” tables with players who are more relaxed or inexperienced.

Be smart about which games you choose to participate in and play at hours when the “sharks” aren’t usually up and playing. For example, weekends or late at night where other players are tired.


You might be very excited at this point to get started playing online poker. However, don’t forget to choose the right online casinos. For example, we’ve tested and reviewed all of the sites you see on this page and can confirm that they offer the best games of poker available.