Which is the Best Roulette Wheel? The Difference Between American, French and European Variants

Best Roulette Wheel

New players might find it difficult to navigate the many variations of the game. Especially when it comes to deciding on the best roulette wheel. In this short post, we’ll explain the key differences of each variant and define which is the most advantageous for players.

The only real difference between the American and European roulette wheels is that in American roulette, there is a single zero slot and a double zero slot. Whereas on a European or French wheel, there is only a single zero slot. Which makes the European the best roulette wheel for the player. I’ll explain why in more detail.

Best Roulette Wheel

The Best Roulette Wheel Has Better Odds of Winning

Of course, when it comes to the best roulette wheel, the answer will be different for the player and the casino. For instance, casinos might prefer to have the American roulette wheel because it gives them twice the house edge as other wheels.

Let’s compare the odds for a single number bet:

  • The odds of winning a single number bet on an American wheel are 1 in 38 since there are 38 numbers on that wheel.
  • On the other hand, the odds of winning on a European wheel are 1 in 37, since there are only 37 numbers.

Whereas, the payout for both wheels is 35 to 1. Meaning you can thirty-five times your original wager. This is where the confusion begins for new players. Who don’t realize that while the payouts are the same, you have better odds of winning on the European wheel.

There are also quite a few players who don’t think that this one number makes much of a difference. However, it’s worth remembering that two slots that go to the casino instead of one will of course double the house edge.

What Is the House Edge In Roulette

Every casino game has one or two features that give the casino an advantage over the players. In roulette, it’s the fact that you cannot bet on the zeros. Therefore, every time the ball lands there, the players lose and the house wins all bets.

You can also define the house edge as the amount you can expect to lose every round you play. When it comes to playing American roulette over European roulette, you can expect to lose double the money to the casino.


It’s important to remember the small details of any real money casino game you plan to play regularly. Some differences might seem small and irrelevant. However, over time they add up to considerable amounts of money. Unless you’re cheating, the best roulette wheel to play is the European variant. Luckily, you don’t have to look far for access to all roulette variations that exist.

Every high-quality online casino in Kuwait will provide you a multitude of choices. Including the French wheel which has the same number of slots as the European but has a few advantages, you won’t find in other versions of roulette.