Roulette Wheel Differences That Affect Your Odds of Winning

Roulette Wheel Differences

As an avid online roulette player, you’re probably always on the lookout for information that can help you win. There are some aspects of roulette that are completely up to luck and some that depend on how well you understand the game. For example, knowing the roulette wheel differences and what it means for your odds of winning.

Gathering as much information as you can for any betting game you play will have an impact on your wins. The more you know, the better will be at choosing the right variants, which will give you advantages as a player.

In this article, I’ll focus on the key roulette wheel differences and how they affect your chances of winning.

Roulette Wheel Differences

Key Roulette Wheel Differences – American Versus European

The most common variations of online roulette are American and European. Most new players won’t even think twice about which one to play and will choose for aesthetic or some other reason. However, there are very important roulette wheel differences between these two games.

The American wheel has two slots that give the house an advantage over the player. These are the single zero and the double zero slots. On the other hand, the European or French wheel has only a single zero slot. And since we know that players can’t bet on zeros because those go to the house, then we can deduce that the European wheel cuts the house advantage in half!

Clearly, it makes sense that whenever you have a choice between the two, you should choose to play European or French roulette.

Where to Play

The online casino in Kuwait that you choose to join will also impact your odds of winning. For instance, the average websites will carry games and variations of games that give them the highest advantage. They’ll focus their selection on games with rules and payback rates that will bring in the most money for the house.

Alternatively, you can find the leading and best online casinos that focus on providing a great experience to players. And of course, part of that experience is that you have fair and reasonable chances to win. It’s not hard to determine which sites are worth joining when you know exactly what to look for.

That’s where our expert reviews come in to help. We look at all the important elements of every online casino we find, so we can make good recommendations on where to play.

Best Online Casinos of 2020

After extensive research and visiting tons of different online casinos open to players in Kuwait, here’s what we found.

There are many different casinos out there that offer fantastic member rewards, live dealer and RNG games, customer support, and payouts. You are guaranteed a joyful and potentially rewarding experience if you are playing at one of the top sites. Here are our current top choices for online casinos and the best roulette variations available now!